Alive File Encryption

Alive File Encryption 1.3.0

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Alive File Encryption is an easy-to-use and affordable file encryption program designed to protect your files and folders using a password. Encrypting and securing files and folders is easy.

With Windows Explorer integration, you can just right-click on a file, select Encrypt or Decrypt, and then type your password to gain access to your files!

It also supports file encryption into an executable . exe file which can be decrypted using other programs, so this feature is ideal for decrypting computers which do not have Alive File Encryption installed.

It is also flexible for users of all levels as it supports Command Line and Drag and Drop actions to allow users to encrypt files in batches.

It is guaranteed to give you security because of its strong encryption algorithm, using CAST-128 encryption with 128-bit keys. With Alive File Encryption, you can decrypt an already encrypted file by just double-clicking on it.

Also, encrypt multiple files in batches; encrypt folders or entire directory trees at one time. Alive File Encryption gives you great value for money.

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Alive File Encryption


Alive File Encryption 1.3.0

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